Gricourt is a born French electronic musician, she studied for two years at the Conservatory of Electroacoustic Music in France, she is a sound therapist living and working in Berlin. She is the founder of Sonic Body, a holistic music therapy project based in Berlin.  She is interested in the process of combining modern technologies with ancient traditions, as well as thematics like the role of media, the customs and habits of different civilizations, the balance of human power, our relationship to economy and politics, and our relationship to and with each other. Her sonic driving pushes out her productions, creating a time and space for her audience to be immersed in sounds, going directly into consciousness: a mix of both brainwaves and sound frequencies, thereby making it possible for them to reflect and experience both altered and healing states — a simple, devoted reconnection to ourselves, the present, and all mysticism that surrounds us.

Gricourt's musical production is made of analog synthesizers, gong and field recordings, which offer complex, long and hypnotic patterns, revealing familiar, yet forgotten soundscapes and noises that explores human cognition and perception—our sense of time, place, and memory.