Sabrina Gricourt is a French, Algerian and Cuban electronic musician, artist and music therapist born in France in 1988. She studied for two years at the conservatory of Electroacoustic Music (Conservatoire de Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud). Gricourt uses media in order to create a field of contact where people are able to tap into a larger world of perception. Relation between human and identity, time and space, contemporary global political issues, and her exposure to a diversity of ethnic cultures are the core of her researches and creations. In various experimental ways, she explores the possibilities offered by manipulating real sounds with modulars synthesis, fields recordings mixed with healing instrumentals from her music therapy project, pushing and pulling some of their microscopic innards. Intuitively and experimentally, Gricourt explores the possibilities that the manipulation of real sounds can offer. She examines the acoustic information down to its smallest components. 

Her work is developed with an ongoing concern for our relationship with the space and vastness of the world and with nature itself. Manipulating the patterns of time with the view to lose control and leave room to fully allow space to envelop our senses for a full reconnection to the present and our origins. Sabrina Gricourt lives and works in Sydney.