AMALGAMA Experience/ Transmediale Vorspiel

AMALGAMA is a collective audio-visual experience questioning the digital now, through the formation of an amalgamated field. It is an assemblage of 10 artist outputs, sharing a ground and a volume to create an immersive space welcoming and challenging its audience. „ Hello there! Are you online? I can hear us“. AMALGAMA is a fragile, and yet durable machinery, a cloud reflecting the new era state of mind. Breeding through a digitized system, advancing like a cyborg - a collector of post human signals, which is driven by an alternating playful control structure. AMALGAMA is an operation to experiment with the complexity and value of the digital moment. A blue carpet invites the artists to come together, to occupy this territory of artistic identity and its polydimensional projection and presence. Are we empowered, when in collective to understand this moment of performance as tool to overcome opaque content of representation? Can we trust the rendered and shall we go further to transform the past into the prospective to stage the truth? Live is not live - we just project and past is not past, if we stream it now::::: Artists: Willis Anne FELL Alan Gleeson Eliza Goldox Sabrina Gricourt Sungho Haku Holger Heissmeyer Kritzkom Infinite Livez Hannah Rumstedt - as part of the Transmediale Vorspiel program.