It’s so important for us to facilitate a space where traditional sound medicine meet the standards of modern life. We support you to explore and surrender in a safe space in order to tap into yourself naturally. Sound healing is a potent medicine and tool that aim to explore a positive, creative, and a regular state of joy and contentment helping you increase your self awareness so that you make clearer decisions in your daily life.



A Sound Healing session is design to bring you in the very now, to get in touch with your hidden parts of your entire self. While you’re bathing in distinct sonic frequencies based on cognitive's research you enter into a profound relaxed state. Sabrina works around your body with crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gong, and other percussive instruments. Their physical vibrations have a direct effect on all your organs, unlocking blockages and releasing tension for the new energy to come in. This session is created to deeply relax you, clear out physical and emotional blockages offering more clarity, to focus on daily tasks and to reach identified goals. 

75min — $ 110

“Sabrina has the power to pull you out of your film, transport you for an hour to a foreign land where music has a tangible encompassing presence then gently slides you back into your life, which has just become slightly deeper, more resonant, colourful and relaxed. “ — Bernd



A group Sound Healing session is a full immersion project engaging with immediate environment, the human body is central and exposed to a multi layered exploration of the intimate relationship between the sonic, the presence, the space and its experience. The medicinal cacao plant and sounds combined to amplify the uniqueness of outcome for each person, therefore to encourage the individual to fully engage with the quality of his/her environment and the immediate effect upon it. The human being, a spiritual entity travelling in different structures, in a large and complex world where the human brain creates new rhythms, cycles, and new sequences independently of its natural course.

To reflect and integrate is the aim of One To Sound, individuality merging with universality... the sacred silent shaping the moment, where we continue to expose our experience over and over again.

We like to open a space to every minds, especially the curious one who wants to have a better glance about the power of sounds and cacao. We always create a space with fondness for art and cosiness. We want you to surrender in a comfortable space in order to tap into yourself naturally. Our selection of locations, accessories, cacao and different smells are conscious towards the planet earth and its habitants. Each group event as a limited amount of people, we do so to fully focus on you and the quality of our work.

3hours — $85



We organise a sound healing group session with medicinal plant cacao at your home, office or event space. Together we design the perfect session for you and your guests suitable for private celebrations, corporate wellness programs, product launches or for special events. The private group offer a unique experience for people to connect in a different and unique situation, one that works towards an authentic connection.

from 2 hours — from $225


To book a private class with Sabrina please fill out the contact form and let her know what you’d like to work on during your time together.




Together we journey: From an external world of chaos, to the deep reservoirs of wisdom within.

A entire time devoted for yourself for a half day, a day or weekend at yours. You would be immersed in sacred sound healing frequencies, eat vegetable-based meals fresh from a local and organic farm located in NSW. Through meditation, pranayama and the powerful medicine of sounds supported with the medicinal plant cacao, you would connect with your most elemental thing of them all… your precious self.


Organise a group sound healing experience for your next promotional event or product launch.

For more information and price regarding A RETREAT AT YOURS, CORPORATE SOUND HEALING or PRODUCTS LAUNCHES/PROMOTIONAL EVENTS contact us at info@sabrinagricourt.space or via the contact form



We can organise a group sound meditation or mini treatments for your employees at your place of work. For mini treatments, each participant will receive a 30 minute one-on-one treatment which includes a sound massage. Can be combined with a yoga class for your employees and can conclude with a group sound meditation.

For more information and price, contact us at info@sabrinagricourt.space


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