ONE TO SOUND Group Sound Healing with medicinal plant cacao 2-3hours — $65

ONE TO SOUND is a sonic immersion project engaging with immediate environment, the human body is central and exposed to a multi layered exploration of the intimate relationship between the sonic, the presence, the space and its experience. The medicinal cacao plant and sounds combine to amplify the uniqueness of outcome for each person, therefore to encourage the individual to fully engage with the quality of his/her environment and the immediate effect upon it. This provides a very diverse array of possibilities within the timbre space of each instrument, influencing the communication of a holistic perception. Everything in our universe is subject to specific rhythms and cycles. Cycles also repeat themselves in the development of living creatures, consequently a certain sequence of stages is always maintained. The human being, a spiritual entity in a material body and world, also develops according to a certain sequence, a push-and-pull developing in the large unified field that inter connects everything in the universe. We are travelling in different structures, in a large and complex world where the human brain creates new rhythms, cycles, and new sequences independently of its natural course, thereby affecting everything from politics to education, communication, philanthropy, places, and our relations with one another.

So how and where is the human being placing himself/herself in these different structures? What is the real meaning of the experience, and are the contemporary tools available to the individual adequate to each person’s evolution and giving him/her enough stability to navigate in the in-between?

To reflect and integrate is the aim of One To Sound, to break through a severe ordered circle, therefore to regain the lost sense of unity, to reconnect to our primal elements and human characteristics. Individuality merging with universality... the sacred silent shaping the moment, where we continue to expose our experience over and over again.

We like to open a space to every minds, especially the curious one who wants to have a better glance about the power of sounds and cacao. We always create a space with fondness for art and cosiness. We want you to surrender in a comfortable space in order to tap into yourself naturally. Our selection of locations, accessories, cacao and different smells are conscious towards the planet earth and its habitants. Each group event as a limited amount of people, we do so to fully focus on you and the quality of our work