Last week I attended a Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath performed by Sabrina Gricourt at SoHo House Berlin. It was dusk in a room wrapped with windows looking out over the TV tower. Gricourt sat among a collection of singing bowls with a gong and a sort of cauldron as each participant came forward one by one to collect their mug of hot raw cacao which she had prepared, thickand spicy with a trace of cardamom. I was happily curled up in the lush white towels of the fancy hotel as the woody smell of Palo Santo filled the room.

As the sound expanded into the shape the room, Sabrina became the gatekeeper of another realm, crouching before her Golden bullseye. Each stroke to the gong produced its own complex symphony of sprawling tumbling tones, exquisite and ominous as a dark sky. The soundscape then condensed into a ringing and so did my mental space, which seemed to absorb the newly hollow atonality. What mystical serpent is Cacao?!?

I begged the chocolate gods for sonic resolution…And then it came, as Gricourt spread the resonance of two bright grace bells around the room, sounding like Philip Glass if he were subject to chance operations. I noticed out the window, against the flat gray sky of Alexanderplatz, a lone bird flying toward Berlin’s iconic needle in Mitte.
— Mabel Nash Greenberg

If I could describe Sabrina’s sessions with one world I would say it’s magic. She has a unique gift, is highly intuitive, compassionate and full of positive energy. You will leave smiling, relaxed, balanced and relieved.
— Katharina Wilhelm

Since 2016 I have been attending events hosted and organised by Sabrina, including sound baths, moon workshops and cacao ceremonies. She is an amazing sound healer and artist, and her gatherings have always had a calming and healing effect on me. The combination of her beautiful soundscapes, meditations and other inspiration and the use of cacao make for a powerful combination, and Sabrina is well able to guide a group through the experience. She is both a skilled sound artist and knows a lot about the use of medicinal plants and herbs, and during her events, she shares this with people in an honest and inviting way. Many thanks, Sabrina for the awesome work you do!
— Lieke Ploeger.

It’s like feeling nothing and everything at the same time.
— Luke Tysoe
Sabrina is truly a magician. A session with her is like a journey through the jungle, softly bringing you to new places within yourself, high mountains and soft valleys. In the soft yet powerful space she is holding for you, it’s possible to be with whatever is. This space is an in invitation to connect deeply with your innermost centre, the earth and the sky at the same time. While experiencing the sounds of her wonderful instruments I was somewhat guided to feel different parts of my body very vividly, to see their attempt to hold on to something, but also connecting with the wish to move on, the longing to just let go and releasing myself into this vast space we all share and are. I am forever grateful that we found each other one fine day in Berlin.
— Suzanne Probst

Sabrina’s work is deeply spiritual. As a person, she is able to put her ego aside and fully concentrate on the energy of the moment to dispel all resistance to the flow of energy in the here and now. Her musical background gives her the tools to perceive slightest nuances and to perform creatively healing interventions. As her work is completely non-verbal and all-embracing, everybody is invited to come, to heal, to relax or just to enjoy amazing music.

Sabrina has the power to pull you out of your film, transport you for an hour to a foreign land where music has a tangible encompassing presence then gently slides you back into your life, which has just become slightly deeper, more resonant, colourful and relaxed.

If you come with an open mind, willing to be touched and like Sabrina willing to let go of your preconceived idea of your own personality, cacao is ready to pull you deeper into the realm of your pristine nature and to assist you in lifting the veils of Isis one by one. Sabrina and the Spirit of Cacao are kindred souls as natural philosophers, eager to understand and get access to our deepest, most inner secrets, not to attack or ridicule but to shed light on those powers we hide away, too afraid to acknowledge our very strengths. The Spirit of Cacao is known for his ability to overcome our own fears of getting in touch with our inherent strenghts. Sabrinas cacao sessions are gates to get in contact with the wisdom of cacao and its transformative power in a completely safe and deeply loving environment.
— Bernd Eickhoff